Thursday, June 16, 2011

mind over miles

I ran my first half marathon in 2006 with minimal training.  I intended to train, but I don't even remember if I used a training schedule.  I ran 3 miles a few times a week.  I did a few "long" runs leading up to the race, but I'm pretty sure my longest distance was less than 6 miles.

My results: 3:05

But I was happy with that.  Thrilled actually.

That race taught me the role the mind plays in racing.  Clearly my belief in myself gave me the strength to finish the race.  It certainly wasn't that I was physically prepared.  That race taught me that my body is always capable of more than I think it is.

It may not be a blast, it may not be pretty, it may take a long time--but you are capable.  You can do it.  Your body can do it.  It's your mind that often lacks the strength, the belief in yourself.

I don't know a lot of runners. Rather, most people in my circle aren't runners.  Which bums me out.  I want to tell people--it's all in your head, you are capable, you can do it, just start and you'll finish!  I wish I could impart that lesson I learned during my first race.

I do realize that sometimes under-training results in injuries and I'm thankful that wasn't the case for me.  I don't recommend under-training of course.  But if you are running regularly and can do some longer runs at a slower pace, you are ready for a race!

Your MIND is your biggest asset when it comes to logging miles.

A few things about my running this week.

1.  I ran almost 6 miles on Monday.  I didn't feel my best, my legs felt heavy, but it felt really good to get those miles in since I missed my long run over the weekend.

2.  I ran my tempo miles at the Lake today, one of my running spots.  Running laps at the park didn't sound appealing, so I decided it was time to run faster on a normal route.  I did almost 4.5 miles and my average pace was 9:25.  Which thrills me!  I had at least another mile or two in me, but dinner & family called and I was getting some blisters.

3.  Blisters.  Ugh.  I've been wearing my shoes for 5-6 months.  Probably less than 200 miles.  The same socks--some newer, some older.  After my race in November, I went up a half-size in my shoe.  I lost a toenail and got some nasty blisters on my toes from hitting the end of the shoe.  All the miles I was training and then the actual race just took a toll in shoes that were borderline.  It's only the last 20-30 miles that I've been having trouble with the shoes, which is baffling.  The worst blister is on the inside arch of my left foot, but the right foot has a similar issue.  I guess my next try will be some bodyglide.

4.  I'm excited about the 15k in a few weeks.  My only goal is a faster pace than the half marathon, and I think I'm on track for it.

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