Wednesday, June 1, 2011

maybe I can do it after all

I've just started training for a 15k on July 4th.  I don't anticipate this run being too difficult as I can run 6 miles without much ado and it's just 3 miles more.  However, I'm constantly working on my speed.  I know I am capable of faster speeds than I regularly clock.  I can push myself on the treadmill in ways I don't push myself on the road.

Today's schedule run was 4 miles with 2 miles @ 9:25 pace.  Running with my Nike+ is great, but it's hard to track my pace during a run.  It will tell me my current pace, but I have to do a lot of calculations in my head to figure out my mile paces.  Which is why I usually resort to the treadmill for my speed workouts.

But tonight I decided to try a new technique enabling me to run outside but still keep track of my pace.  I ran 1.25 miles as a warm up and ended up at a park across the street.  There is a sidewalk that loops that park and about 2.5 loops equals 1 mile.  It's easier for me to push on a repeat like that, instead of worrying about crossing intersections and cars seeing me.  I reset my Nike+ when I started, so that I could track the pace for just my 2 speedy miles.

I haven't synced my run yet, but I know that my first mile was around 8:30.  I finished the 2 miles in just under 18 minutes--almost a full minute faster than "required."

It was a huge confidence booster.  Yes at times my lungs felt like they were going to burst.  My legs felt pretty strong the whole time.  But I can do this.  I can run faster.  Sure it was just 2 miles, but last week I thought I would die running 2 x 9:05 on the treadmill with a .5 jog in between.

Just maybe one day I'll qualify for Boston.  Maybe when I'm 40.

I don't know that I could pump out 9 miles at the 9:00 pace.  My main goal is to beat my half marathon pace from last November, which was 9:53.  Just maybe it's possible.

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  1. With those times, it is definitely probable, not possible!