Monday, June 20, 2011

consistently inconsistent

Or maybe it should be inconsistently consistent.

I have incredible motivation and dedication to fitness.  For lots of different reasons.  If I could be active in some way an hour each day, or at least 5-6 days I week, I would.  With very few interruptions.  Not all major sweat sessions, but strength training, yoga, pilates and all sorts of forms of exercise.

But, unfortunately no one pays me to run or exercise.  It's something I have to make time for; I have to make it a priority.

I have a job.  I have a husband.  I have three young kids.  We have a lot of family and friends and various events, celebrations and just hanging out that goes on.

There are weeks and months that I exercise 3+ times a week.  That's a good week for me.

But then there are weeks (not usually months, but sometimes) that I only exercise once or twice.  I struggle to get consistency back.

When kids are sick, when life is busy, when I'm just exhausted, when I'm not managing my time well, I'm very inconsistent.

But here's the trick.  The key to an active life.

I always get consistent again.  Until the next thing throws me a curveball.  And then I'm inconsistent.

I never stay there.

I may reach my fitness goals slower than I'd like.

I know this is a season and it will pass as my children grow older.  I do embrace where I'm at in life.  But I look forward to having a little more time to myself one of these days.

But at least I'm consistently inconsistent.  Or inconsistently consistent.

How about you?  What balls do you juggle and how do you find consistency?

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  1. Corrina...I totally understand and relate to this post...I'm a stay at home mom and still feel like I have to make working out a priority and schedule it for me to actually get a chance to work out. I am lucky to also have a husband who understands my need to work out and I can count on him to help me with the kids if I need it, but I always feel bad waiting until he is home to work out because we don't see him all day since he is at work.
    I seem to feel like I am most consistent with my workouts when our lives are on a very scheduled routine...the time of day I work out may change everyday, but our schedule is more predictable and I can plan when to fit in a work out the day before. When our days are crazy and without a schedule I find that I can easily make up excuses and keep pushing off the workout time until it's too late and never gets accomplished.
    Sometimes I need to work out at 5am to a DVD before the kids wake up...sometimes I have to get creative with activities my kids can do on their own to keep them busy in the garage while I run on our treadmill...sometimes I have to use nap time as a time to workout instead of getting chores done...sometimes it requires me doing squats and lunges at the park while my kids play...and sometimes I use my mom or dad (who live just up the hill from us) as babysitters while I squeeze in a swim at their pool. I guess, in order to be a Mommy to young kids and be consistent in working requires creativity, dedication, and the help of others! :)