Wednesday, May 11, 2011

week 3

I'm in Week 3 (which is Level 3) now of Ripped in 30.  (see previous posts for links.  I'm lazy tonight)

Oh boy howdy is this is a doozy.  The moves are fast and some of them complicated.  I would kinda like to go back to Level 2.  But I also want to complete all 4 levels in 4 weeks, so I just keep moving on.  It's good for me to be challenged.

I have been able to successfully exercise in the morning without waking the kids!  I found that going in to re-tuck Lily in, turning on her humidifier and music again provides enough white noise.  And I know the exact places on my floor where I can jump and it doesn't make much noise.

I do feel a little guilty sometimes that I'm exercising, while Bean is bustling around doing dishes and making Miss Rose's lunch.  The man can't sit still nor can he lounge in bed.  I think he likes that I'm at least awake, instead of trying to stay asleep in bed.  But, he knows how much I need exercise for my well-being.

Over the weekend I went three days without doing the DVD thanks to Mother's Day and a sick baby.  Which means I need to bust out the last 5 days of this week without missing.  I think I can.  I think I can.  And if I don't, well life still goes on.

I am also hoping to run a few times this weekend.  It's so beautiful and these legs just want to be moving. Although 5 strides in, I will probably regret it since this workout makes my legs ache like none other.

I found a local 15k on July 4 that is actually affordable.  Unlike the August half marathon that is $95.  No thank you.  Once I finish Ripped in 30, I'll do some training for the 15k.

My sister and a friend are talking about doing our own half marathon in August.  It will give us something to work towards and help hold us accountable, but not break the budget.  We are blessed to live in a gorgeous destination city and I did an awesome 13 mile training run for my last half marathon that we can use as our course.  Running by the water 90% of the time!  Now to convince our husbands and boyfriends to man water stations for us!

What exercise routine is working for you these days?

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