Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Ripped in 30

I actually did it.

I completed Ripped in 30.

Jillian Michaels recommends doing the workouts 5-6 days a week.  I managed to do 5 each week.  Which is pretty good for a working mom of three young kids.  I even added in a couple brief runs the last few weeks in addition to the DVD.

So, here's my rundown.

I really liked this DVD.  I liked that there were 4 levels instead the 3 levels of Shred.  A few years ago when I did Shred for 30 days, doing each level for 10 days got pretty laborious.  I felt like different muscles were challenged by switching the routines more frequently.  I also appreciated that Jillian recommends 1-2 rest days.  With my weekly schedule, this was a lifesaver!  Especially on Wednesdays and Sundays, which are my fullest and most exhausting days.  And I didn't have to feel guilty for missing a workout.

My upper body is my weakest area.  I know that's pretty typical for girls, but I've always felt like a real wimp.  I couldn't do a full push-up to save my life and even a "girly" push-up is challenging to me.  These workouts really challenged my upper body.  Each level had different exercises that worked my shoulders.  By the end of Level 4, I noticed a real difference.  I could go lower in the various push-ups and didn't fatigue as quickly when in plank positions.

I experienced a lot of soreness the first few weeks but the last few weeks it was real minor.  While my body felt stronger and more toned, the scale failed to show any changes even though I was tracking my calorie intake.  I wish I had measured myself before and after because I know I would have seen the difference there.

How I got it done...

Make no mistake, this was a huge mental and actual challenge for me to complete this workout cycle.  It was NOT easy and required sacrifice.  Most of my workouts started before 6am.  Luckily the jumping impact is pretty minimal and I was able to land soft enough to not make our floor pound and wake the kids.

At least once or twice a week I worked out while the kids milled around me.  Miss Rose and Gracie are pretty good about keeping themselves busy during the 30ish minutes of warm up, workout and cool down.  Lily usually exercises with me and talks to me the entire time!  She may wander off for a few minutes, but then she is back.  Sometimes she cries because she wants my attention, but that happens no matter what I'm doing!

If you really want to get it done, you will find a way.

And I'm glad I did.

Next up: I am registered for a 15k (9.2 miles) on July 4th.  The training for this distance isn't too difficult and I'll be running 3-4 days a week.  I plan to keep up Ripped in 30 and other similar videos a few times a week as well to keep my strength up.  I'm also on a mission to repair my diastasis recti.  I've continued to do a lot of traditional ab work, which is a big no-no.   So I'll be focusing more on standing abs and some other core strengthening exercises that won't exacerbate the problem.

Stay tuned.  There's always more.


  1. Good for you for getting it done! So funny how it ends up being with my kids all around me when I'm trying to do Jillian. :)

  2. How are you going about repairing the diastasis? I had it pretty bad between #3 and #4. After this pregnancy I was able to get rid of it pretty fast, using the Tupler techniques. The separation is barely a finger-width wide, so I have started doing ab work, but my stomach still looks like I am 5 months pregnant!
    Today I started the 30 day shred. (Tomorrow a the gym I am going to take measurements, so hopefully I will be able to see the progress.) It will be tough to fit it in. I already wake up at 5 or 5:30 am to go to the gym/pool so I can be home before my husband leaves for work. Or I can come home after the gym not showered and do it when the kids leave for school. Or maybe at night. 2 showers, YUCK! (or am I just being lazy?)

  3. Tina-I've read some on the Tupler technique before. How did you get the info and instructions? My diastasis isn't too bad--but I can tell when I do any sort of crunches that it separates more, so I know I need to strengthen those transverse muscles.

    I would say do Shred when you get home from the gym! That's what I would do at least. Or naptime? I don't always like taking 2 showers a day either, but sometimes it's what it takes!

  4. I got her book from the library: at first when I was pregnant with #1 Maternal Fitness. And when I had diastasis, looked into Lose your Mummy Tummy. I was sold on her with Maternal Fitness and it kept me in great shape, but I didn't continue past 7 months pregnant. But with each pregnancy I noticed I felt a lot better when I did it. They are easy exercises that you can do almost anywhere, and you don't get hot and sweaty. To fix my diastasis, I did more of the Maternal Fitness exercises than the Lose Mummy Tummy ones. Not sure why.

  5. Just got the "Ripped in 30" dvd, and I am scared silly. Starting it tomorrow, let's see how it goes... I will be blogging about the whole thing, let' shope it helps to keep my motivation up! I am so happy about you - it looks like it is hellishly hard, and you did that! Just awesome :)