Monday, March 21, 2011

when you need to wake up

A few weeks ago, I had a great eating and exercise week.  I came in just under 15 miles, a new weekly running goal of mine.  If and when I get the chance to train for and run a full marathon, I want to my weekly mileage to be 15-20 miles.

Then last week was just a rough week all around.  Emotionally, physically, health-wise.  There are a multitude of reasons.  But we'll just leave it at--it was what it was.  And it's over now.

This week, I'm trying to get back to my good habits.  I just feel so much better physically and emotionally when I eat right and exercise.  I got in a nice hour long run on Saturday.  A run that almost didn't happen.

We were headed to Costco and Bean said I could run after we got home.  I was feeling a bit skeptical on it actually happening--sometimes when I plan to run midday, the chaos of kids overtakes me and I can't bring myself to leave it all for a time.  I put on my running clothes and shoes before we left.  (Bean asked me if I was going to Costco "like that."  I'm still not sure what he meant, but I rocked the running capri's.)

It's a good thing because once we got home and got the kids eating lunch, had I not already been dressed to run, I would have sat down and given up my run--only on my own decision.  But I headed out and weaved my way through the neighborhood and managed to come up with 6 miles after a few extra laps around the park.

Today was pretty crazy and we haven't been sleeping well.  You can read about it here.  I knew I had about an hour after work that was just me and Lily.  Tempting as it was to either sit down and cuddle with her, or to start in on the household tasks, I had a sneaking suspicion my time was best spent with my friend Jillian Michaels.  Often when I'm tired, a dose of adrenaline will wake me up and give me the oomph to keep going.  Thankfully I was right!

Sometimes you have to put your running clothes on, to ensure you'll get out there.

Sometimes, when you need to wake up, 30 minutes of movement is better than any dose of caffeine or even a nap.

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