Sunday, March 13, 2011

week wrap up

I can never decide if a new week starts on Sunday or Monday.  I guess it's a matter of personal preference. Since my whole work-week aims towards Sundays, I tend to think of Mondays as the new week.  Most of the time.

As I type this, I'm watching a Beyonce special.  She is so incredible!  So talented vocally, fit, yet womanly.  I am mesmerized by her!  That has nothing to do with this post, but couldn't help but share.

Anyways, in the health and fitness area--this was a good week!    I stuck to my eating plan and I tracked my calories every day.  I was within my limits all week.  This weekend  my intake was a little higher, but still within a "normal" range, just not weight loss range.  But I was okay with that, and chose to loosen up a bit.

I exercised Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  Mostly running, and 2 days of 6 week 6 pack abs.  And I started off this week with about 3 miles today.

I'm feeling much better about myself this week.

It was interesting that on Friday evening, I had a two pieces of pizza--and they made me totally sick to my stomach!  That was the greasiest thing I ate all week, and my body liked the healthier eating.

I've done a few unofficial weigh-ins (those midday or post-run ones) and I am pretty sure I've lost a few pounds.  I'll weigh in officially in the morning.

I'm ready to rock it again this week.  I have a much better week emotionally when I eat right and exercise.

This mama needs to run!

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