Friday, March 11, 2011

running thoughts

I think of all sorts of random things while I'm running.

And even when I'm not running, random things make me thing of running.

During a recent run I was thinking about music. I almost always listen to music when I run.  Sometimes, even when I'm pushing the jogger I'll have one earbud in, and one out so I can listen to music but still hear the girls and interact with them.  Music is and always has been a big part of my life, so it would stand to reason it would be part of my running.  Occasionally I will run without it, and that's okay too.

Ten years ago or so, when Bean and I were first married, we lived in a condo complex that had a small workout room.   I used the elliptical a lot, but running was still pretty intimidating.  I might jump on the treadmill for a short time, but no more than maybe 10 minutes.

I remember listening to a Linkin Park album while exercising, and sometimes a little Dogwood.  That was the first music I listened to while exercising.

But we didn't own an iPod.  So I must have listened to it on a discman.  Oh how far technology has come! I owned a walkman at one point in my life too.

It just struck me as a funny thought while running.

I also love that I frequently run the same path where I ran my first mile 5 or 6 years ago.  That mile got me hooked.  Because I ran the whole time, and I didn't think I would make it without stopping.

I remember the exhilaration of reaching that mile marker.  And now I love that I blaze past it for another mile or so until I turn around and run back.

And my final running thought for today.  What is the correct etiquette for telling someone their clothes are revealing something they may rather not?  Especially if it's the backside, where they can't see.  Do you assume they are cool with it?  Or do you let them know, just in case?

Personally, I would want to know.

Apparently the girl wearing leggings, not exercise tights, while walking the other day doesn't share my sentiment.  She wasn't too happy that I told her how revealing the tightly stretched material was.  Hey lady, I just thought you might want to keep your lace thong to yourself.

But whatever.

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