Thursday, March 31, 2011

metabolism & motivation

My husband can eat ice cream every night, not exercise and his weight stays within a few pounds.

I eat maybe 25% of the amount of ice cream he does and exercise 3-4 time a week.  And unless I'm being very strict about my eating (I admit-I'm a bit of a grazer and over-snacker), I easily gain a few pounds in a month.  And then I fight for a few months to get rid of them again.  And I can't seem to reach my goal weight.  (obviously, I'm not disciplined enough with my diet).

Randomly in the evening, when we are relaxing, watching TV and interneting--I'll get on the floor and do some ab work or an arm workout with my 5lb weights.  Recently, I started doing the 100-Push-Ups App.

We've decided if I only had Bean's metabolism, or he had my motivation--we'd be super trim and fit!

But, we don't.

So he'll keep eating ice cream.  I'll keep doing my random mini-workouts.

And I guess we'll maintain.  Status quo for us.

{actually though, I'm getting pretty fed up with my struggles and trying to figure out what is reasonable for me to do about it.}


  1. I hear you Corrina! It's the same in our house too!

  2. I think all men are like that. We have some friends that the husband just started running and he dropped 11 pounds in two weeks. UM!WHAT?! It took me EIGHT months to lose SIX!! :D