Sunday, March 6, 2011

a blessing and a curse

Ever since I had baby #3, exercise has become a must for me.  It was a strong desire the few years before that, but now--it's a need.  Hence the name of this blog.

I need the endorphins.  I need to sweat.  If I don't get it enough, I start to lose it.  I'm tense and impatient.

I had a great 3-day streak last week of exercise--Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Then I went out of town on Wednesday and even though I brought my running gear--it didn't happen.

So by today, I was getting stabby.  Yesterday was full of catching up on life.  Today was work and more catching up and time with kids.  I kept thinking I would have a chance, but the opportunity kept evading me.

We got the kids bathed on the early side tonight and I couldn't handle it any longer.  I told hubs I was doing a video.  I put my workout clothes on and turned on 6-week 6-pack Abs (my new favorite Jillian torture).  Hubs was a good sport and kept the big girls busy while I exercised.

The baby though--she just wanted to be like mommy, which I was okay with.  She tried to copy the moves, and when she got bored of that she ran back and forth in front of the TV saying (fast).  About 20 minutes in, she noticed I was wearing a headband, so she wanted one too.  She would lay down when I did, and she really liked plank jacks and mountain climbers because she could easily be on all 4's and move her feet like me.

Being so addicted to sweat, needing it the way I do, is a blessing, because it keeps me active.

But it's also a curse at times because I get mean when I haven't had enough exercise and I can't help myself from not getting it in.  Usually it's not so many days between exercise sessions, thankfully.

This week is blessedly empty of extra events and you can bet I'll be getting my sweat on.


  1. I totally connect with you. But sometimes I forget why I am crabby and have a hard time saying "I need to step away, and step OUT." I sometimes feel guilty that I get to a point where I can't settle things on my own, and I NEED to workout. It's hard to be dependent on it, but it feels so great once you do it. I started with the C25K paired with 30 day shred (finally when baby was 4-1/2 months), only to get tonsillitis after 3 days. Bummer. Now after more than a week of recovery, lets see if I can get back in a groove. This Mama needs to run, too.

  2. It's so true! Luckily my husband is super supportive and knows how much good a run does for me. I hope you've been able to get back in your routine.

  3. I threw out my back on Tuesday, when I was finally feeling better and getting the house in "order" for me to start my trotting. Seeing as I am nursing, I can't take any meds to speed the process. This has happened before, but I don't remember how long it lasts. Until Monday, nothing. But I think I'll be getting a new mattress for my efforts.
    Just another reason why I NEED to run. I need to get into post-baby shape, ASAP!