Thursday, March 31, 2011

metabolism & motivation

My husband can eat ice cream every night, not exercise and his weight stays within a few pounds.

I eat maybe 25% of the amount of ice cream he does and exercise 3-4 time a week.  And unless I'm being very strict about my eating (I admit-I'm a bit of a grazer and over-snacker), I easily gain a few pounds in a month.  And then I fight for a few months to get rid of them again.  And I can't seem to reach my goal weight.  (obviously, I'm not disciplined enough with my diet).

Randomly in the evening, when we are relaxing, watching TV and interneting--I'll get on the floor and do some ab work or an arm workout with my 5lb weights.  Recently, I started doing the 100-Push-Ups App.

We've decided if I only had Bean's metabolism, or he had my motivation--we'd be super trim and fit!

But, we don't.

So he'll keep eating ice cream.  I'll keep doing my random mini-workouts.

And I guess we'll maintain.  Status quo for us.

{actually though, I'm getting pretty fed up with my struggles and trying to figure out what is reasonable for me to do about it.}

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a neighborhood run

I really love my neighborhood.

I lived here in high school and college.  My dad grew up in this neighborhood, so I've been coming here my whole life.  My grandparents house is just a few streets away from where we now live, although they have been gone for several years now.

My husband had a friend who lived in this neighborhood, so he spent time here too growing up.

And we both have always thought it would be an ideal place to live and raise a family.
And it is.  We have been blessed to buy a house here with my parents (they live in an attached granny flat) and my youngest was born just days after we moved in.  Literally, like 4 days.

It's a pretty decent running neighborhood too.  Last week I wound through all the streets I could and got 6 miles in.  Any further, and I have some pretty big hills to tackle, which I do sometimes.

A few days ago I took a late afternoon run.  My heart swelled because Lily was very insistent on coming with me, even though she could have stayed home with Bean and the other girls.  Bean asked me pick something up from the store on my way home and Miss Rose also had a library book that needed to be renewed.

So out we headed, Lily content in the stroller.  I ran one of my normal routes and changed it up at the end to stop by the library.  Got the book renewed, and ran into my next door neighbor and his daughter at the library.

Went out and crossed the street to the grocery store, which is just 2 blocks from my house.  While I was waiting to cross, my brother-in-law drove by and honked a hello... they live less than 2 miles away.  Got my item at the grocery store and then we walked home.

I love that I can run in my neighborhood, with my double jogger.

I love that I can stop by the library and the grocery store on my way home.

I love that I run into my neighbor and see my brother in law.

I love my neighborhood.

I love running.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

running groove & DST

For the first time that I can remember, I still feel really messed up by Daylight Savings Time.  My kids have adjusted, but I feel like I have not.

One of the problems: it's SO dark in the mornings that it's hard to get out of bed to run.  When I run early, I usually set my alarm between 5:30am and 6:00am.  I think maybe I've gotten up early once since the time changed.  There have been other factors--like sick kids who are up a lot at night, which means I'm up a lot too and need that extra sleep to function at work during the day.

The other problem is, the sun being out later makes me want to run outside!  It's still so bright and cheery when I get home from work.

The problem is, with Miss Rose still in school for another three months almost, late afternoon/early evening runs don't really work for our family.  We eat dinner around 5-5:30pm, then it's time for homework, baths and bed by 7:30pm.

I'm trying to find my running groove with these new daylight hours.

Although I've been running for close to 6 years now,  the last 18 months have been the most consistent of those 6 years.  In those 6 years, I had two babies, two c-sections and so weeks or months would go by where my running was infrequent.

Now however, I'm a complete addict.  So I need to figure out my running groove for each season of life, season of weather and apparently daylight savings time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

when you need to wake up

A few weeks ago, I had a great eating and exercise week.  I came in just under 15 miles, a new weekly running goal of mine.  If and when I get the chance to train for and run a full marathon, I want to my weekly mileage to be 15-20 miles.

Then last week was just a rough week all around.  Emotionally, physically, health-wise.  There are a multitude of reasons.  But we'll just leave it at--it was what it was.  And it's over now.

This week, I'm trying to get back to my good habits.  I just feel so much better physically and emotionally when I eat right and exercise.  I got in a nice hour long run on Saturday.  A run that almost didn't happen.

We were headed to Costco and Bean said I could run after we got home.  I was feeling a bit skeptical on it actually happening--sometimes when I plan to run midday, the chaos of kids overtakes me and I can't bring myself to leave it all for a time.  I put on my running clothes and shoes before we left.  (Bean asked me if I was going to Costco "like that."  I'm still not sure what he meant, but I rocked the running capri's.)

It's a good thing because once we got home and got the kids eating lunch, had I not already been dressed to run, I would have sat down and given up my run--only on my own decision.  But I headed out and weaved my way through the neighborhood and managed to come up with 6 miles after a few extra laps around the park.

Today was pretty crazy and we haven't been sleeping well.  You can read about it here.  I knew I had about an hour after work that was just me and Lily.  Tempting as it was to either sit down and cuddle with her, or to start in on the household tasks, I had a sneaking suspicion my time was best spent with my friend Jillian Michaels.  Often when I'm tired, a dose of adrenaline will wake me up and give me the oomph to keep going.  Thankfully I was right!

Sometimes you have to put your running clothes on, to ensure you'll get out there.

Sometimes, when you need to wake up, 30 minutes of movement is better than any dose of caffeine or even a nap.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

week wrap up

I can never decide if a new week starts on Sunday or Monday.  I guess it's a matter of personal preference. Since my whole work-week aims towards Sundays, I tend to think of Mondays as the new week.  Most of the time.

As I type this, I'm watching a Beyonce special.  She is so incredible!  So talented vocally, fit, yet womanly.  I am mesmerized by her!  That has nothing to do with this post, but couldn't help but share.

Anyways, in the health and fitness area--this was a good week!    I stuck to my eating plan and I tracked my calories every day.  I was within my limits all week.  This weekend  my intake was a little higher, but still within a "normal" range, just not weight loss range.  But I was okay with that, and chose to loosen up a bit.

I exercised Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  Mostly running, and 2 days of 6 week 6 pack abs.  And I started off this week with about 3 miles today.

I'm feeling much better about myself this week.

It was interesting that on Friday evening, I had a two pieces of pizza--and they made me totally sick to my stomach!  That was the greasiest thing I ate all week, and my body liked the healthier eating.

I've done a few unofficial weigh-ins (those midday or post-run ones) and I am pretty sure I've lost a few pounds.  I'll weigh in officially in the morning.

I'm ready to rock it again this week.  I have a much better week emotionally when I eat right and exercise.

This mama needs to run!

Friday, March 11, 2011

running thoughts

I think of all sorts of random things while I'm running.

And even when I'm not running, random things make me thing of running.

During a recent run I was thinking about music. I almost always listen to music when I run.  Sometimes, even when I'm pushing the jogger I'll have one earbud in, and one out so I can listen to music but still hear the girls and interact with them.  Music is and always has been a big part of my life, so it would stand to reason it would be part of my running.  Occasionally I will run without it, and that's okay too.

Ten years ago or so, when Bean and I were first married, we lived in a condo complex that had a small workout room.   I used the elliptical a lot, but running was still pretty intimidating.  I might jump on the treadmill for a short time, but no more than maybe 10 minutes.

I remember listening to a Linkin Park album while exercising, and sometimes a little Dogwood.  That was the first music I listened to while exercising.

But we didn't own an iPod.  So I must have listened to it on a discman.  Oh how far technology has come! I owned a walkman at one point in my life too.

It just struck me as a funny thought while running.

I also love that I frequently run the same path where I ran my first mile 5 or 6 years ago.  That mile got me hooked.  Because I ran the whole time, and I didn't think I would make it without stopping.

I remember the exhilaration of reaching that mile marker.  And now I love that I blaze past it for another mile or so until I turn around and run back.

And my final running thought for today.  What is the correct etiquette for telling someone their clothes are revealing something they may rather not?  Especially if it's the backside, where they can't see.  Do you assume they are cool with it?  Or do you let them know, just in case?

Personally, I would want to know.

Apparently the girl wearing leggings, not exercise tights, while walking the other day doesn't share my sentiment.  She wasn't too happy that I told her how revealing the tightly stretched material was.  Hey lady, I just thought you might want to keep your lace thong to yourself.

But whatever.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the confessional

I'm stepping into the confessional booth now.
Although I'm not catholic and have never confessed in a booth.  But it makes for nice writing.  (I do confess to my Jesus all the time though)

*whispers* The scale says I gained 5 pounds.

And that number came even after I, um, emptied my bowels, first thing in the morning.

I knew I'd gotten lax with my eating.  Too much sugar.  Too many helpings of it.  Too much bread I'm sure.

But I still exercise at least 3x a week.

I also knew my belly looked a little mushy (cause after 3 babies, that's where it goes).  And maybe my pants were more snug than loose.  They still fit though.

A midday weighing last week showed that I was probably up a few pounds.  If I'm afraid of what the scale says, I'll do a midday weighing, which means I can subtract as many pounds as I think necessary to accommodate for my clothes and whatever I've consumed already.  Does anyone else do this, or am I alone in my psychosis?

This midday weighing though, is very subjective!  Because if I really don't like what I see, I probably tend to subtract more than I should.  But the midday weighing, does prepare me for the good or the bad of the early morning weigh.

Bottom line, my bottom (and other parts) are too mushy.

After that rude awakening, I've had a good week of eating and exercise so far.  I've stayed within my calorie goal and I've exercised 3 out of 4 days.

I do wonder though, as someone who's struggled with 5-20lbs through my teen and adult years, will I ever reach that point of balance?  Where I don't overeat, stress eat and binge on chocolate?  I maybe be a run-aholic, but I'm a food-aholic too.

Coincidentally, the image at the top, I found via Google Images.  But it happens to have my first goal weight on it.  I would love to reach that goal, hang out there a while and try it on for size.  I could go a lot lower, according to the BMI scale, but I don't know if I would like how it looks or feels.  So, that's my first goal.  Has been for a year now.  Maybe this little wake up call will inspire me to stick with a plan now.

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a blessing and a curse

Ever since I had baby #3, exercise has become a must for me.  It was a strong desire the few years before that, but now--it's a need.  Hence the name of this blog.

I need the endorphins.  I need to sweat.  If I don't get it enough, I start to lose it.  I'm tense and impatient.

I had a great 3-day streak last week of exercise--Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Then I went out of town on Wednesday and even though I brought my running gear--it didn't happen.

So by today, I was getting stabby.  Yesterday was full of catching up on life.  Today was work and more catching up and time with kids.  I kept thinking I would have a chance, but the opportunity kept evading me.

We got the kids bathed on the early side tonight and I couldn't handle it any longer.  I told hubs I was doing a video.  I put my workout clothes on and turned on 6-week 6-pack Abs (my new favorite Jillian torture).  Hubs was a good sport and kept the big girls busy while I exercised.

The baby though--she just wanted to be like mommy, which I was okay with.  She tried to copy the moves, and when she got bored of that she ran back and forth in front of the TV saying (fast).  About 20 minutes in, she noticed I was wearing a headband, so she wanted one too.  She would lay down when I did, and she really liked plank jacks and mountain climbers because she could easily be on all 4's and move her feet like me.

Being so addicted to sweat, needing it the way I do, is a blessing, because it keeps me active.

But it's also a curse at times because I get mean when I haven't had enough exercise and I can't help myself from not getting it in.  Usually it's not so many days between exercise sessions, thankfully.

This week is blessedly empty of extra events and you can bet I'll be getting my sweat on.