Friday, February 4, 2011

some good reads

I've subscribed to Self, Shape and Fitness magazines off and on for many years.  On one hand, they've served to inspired me, give me good tips, and keep fitness on my mind.  On the other hand, so much in those magazines seems repetitive.  How many crunch-free ab routines are there?  How many fat-burning food lists can you create?  I could pretty much map out both those articles for you, I've read them so many times.

Even though those magazines do have a lot about fitness and eating right, there still is a message--in my opinion--about looking a certain way, being a certain size, fitting into a particular mold.  There still is great value in these magazines, but I'm a bit burnt out on them.

My latest love is the Runner's World magazine.  Some of my other subscriptions are running out, and due to lack of time and lack of interest, I've decided to let the rest of them lapse.

What I love about Runner's World is it's about being YOUR best.  We all can't run the same pace, the same distance, the same mileage.  Everyone has their area of strength when it comes to running, their favorite distances and style of training.  Certainly competitive and serious runners are in great shape, but they put in the time and effort to be that way and it's so they can be their best.

I know I will never run a mile in 6 minutes.  I don't really have that desire.  I may eek out a mile or two in 7-7:30 at some point, but it's not something I'm very concerned about.  I run for myself I don't need to run that face.  I would be happy to get down to an 8-8:30 pace for a half marathon, but for me, eventually, I think it's doable.

I read an awesome quote from Dean Karnanzes in this month's Runner's World:

"Running has the uncanny ability to mellow the soul, to take the edge off hard feelings, and put things back into healthy perspective."

I don't know if I've ever read something that so perfectly encapsulated why I run.  It does mellow me and I get such release from running and when I get back from running, I'm even-keeled and balanced again--at least for a while.

So I love reading Runner's World.  Last month there was a story about a mom of 3 who lost her husband in the war and how she runs to deal with her grief. This month a story of a major league pitcher who has a daughter with serious disabilities and he runs with her and it's a special connection they share.  I tell ya-it's good stuff.

A friend linked to this tonight and I downloaded it and am looking forward to reading it. (download link at the end of the post)

A few blogs I appreciated this week:

Running to Sanity:  With the change of a few minor details, I'm pretty sure I could have written the same thing this week!

Run with Kate: Great story of life-change the practical way

Have you read anything good or inspirational lately?  There are several running related books I want to read and a couple documentaries I want to watch.  I predict I'll check them all off my list in about 5 years.  That's about how long it takes me to do leisure reading or movie viewing!

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